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At Lansdowne Woodward we recognise it can be difficult choosing a trusted Financial Adviser to work with, in order to build a strong financial future. Thats why we offer a range of services to suit the needs of all of our clients, whether you're just starting out and need some help with setting up a life assurance or pension plan, or whether your affairs are more complex and you're looking for advice about investing a lump sum or mitigating inheritance tax.

We believe in working with our clients over many years to help them reach their financial goals, and we offer 3 levels of service that reflect this ongoing relationship, and where we will be on hand to review your financial plans and advise on any changing circumstances year on year.

Click below to see which of our Advice and Ongoing Review Service levels suits you best;

The Premier Service

The Standard Plus Service

For clients who don't want to have their affairs actively managed, or wish to pay for us to provide regular reviews, we offer the Transaction Only Service, where we will charge you for any work we do in accordance with our scale of charges and as agreed with you.

Our Charges

We offer an initial meeting to understand in broad terms your needs and objectives, and to agree with you that we can help, and that you want to engage us as your financial adviser. This initial meeting usually lasts around an hour, the cost of which is met by our firm. Thereafter, payment for our advice and services is by a fee. 

Generally we will ask you to pay for our services at the time you receive our Suitability Report detailing our advice. Please note our fee is for the advice we have given. If you have paid for our advice by way of a cheque, and you subsequently cancel the plan within the statutory cooling off period, we will not refund the advice fee received. 

At the outset, we will agree with you the level of service which is most appropriate to your needs and the advice that you are seeking.  This will normally fall within either our Transaction Only Service or one of our Advice and Ongoing Review Services detailed above. 

Click here to view our standard Client Agreement and Data Protection Notice

Click here for our Schedule of Charges 

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